About Us

At Georgia Drone Photography we strive to provide the highest quality aerial photography, video and post production services.

We're Taking Aerial Media to New Heights

The love for aerial photography and video started years ago on the set of a major motion picture being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. From that day, we started our research into providing high-quality drone media and post production drone services. Now, after years of successful drone flights we're ready to share our talents for your next project or event.

Today we provide our aerial media to many different industries across the Southeast. Our staff includes an active licensed Georgia real estate agent, as well as, a SAG Eligible actor with hundreds of hours of set experience on both television and major motion pictures. Our passion and experience provides unsurpassed creative direction for aerial photography, videography and inspection services.


Our Mission

To go above and beyond the client's requests providing stunning high-resolution aerial media assets aligned with the project vision and scope of work.


Our Vision

Providing Certified Part 107 commercial drone pilots across Georgia producing high-quality aerial photography, video and other drone services for multiple industries.


Our Promise

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality drone media, creative direction and post-production services with a 100% money-back guarantee.